Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Any Mac People?

I desperately need a new computer. The one I have now seems like it should have plenty of memory and speed, but it just can't handle editing my picture files.

And I don't have the time in my day to restart my computer four times just to Photoshop a picture or two.

So I'm thinking of switching to a Mac. It seems like all the people I know who work with photographs and scrapbooking have them.

Do you? What do you think of yours? Is it a desktop or a laptop?


Jen said...

Hey Christy...great question. Us Mac people LOOOOVE to talk about our Macs!

We have a desktop and a new laptop (although I have hardly used that since Dale has it on his course with him). We bought the desktop (iMac) two years ago and I love it. We primarily use it for e-mail, surfing the net and dealing with my millions of photos, although Dale also uses it for moderate gaming.

It handles everything really well. I use photoshop without any problems, and iPhoto is the best photo management software I have ever used.

We were a bit worried about compatibility issues since we both work with PCs at the office, so we bought Microsoft Office for Mac and we havent any problems bringing stuff home from work and vice/versa.

Bottom line - I would highly reccommend it. It works as well today as it did the day we bought it. And in two years it has crashed on me maybe three times - a far site better than ANY PC (laptop or desktop) that I have ever owned.

I woudl say it's well worth the extra money, because they are a bit more pricey. E-mail me if you have any other questions thingsyoudidntdo at gmail dot com


Just another crazy family said...

Mac is definitely best for working with graphics, video, or music. My husband and I each have a laptop. He is the Media Director at our church and all the computers in our department are Macs. The graphic artist has one. The video editor has one. I have one (the new iMac - way cool!). My husband uses a Mac to do audio editing also and recording projects. There are other employees at the church that still have PCs and their computers are constantly down or they're having problems with them. I've never had any problems with my laptop and I love it. I don't even think I remember how to work on a PC. You'll be glad you bought a Mac.

Army Wife said...

I"m sooo not a computer person. I don't understand the lingo and I couldn't tell you any of the specs of my mac. But I am in love with it. I had two computers before this one and could never figure them out. Mac is so simple to use. I've had my laptop for a year now and have not had one problem out of it. Go for it!

Gray Matters said...

I agree with Jen - we love our Macs. My husband and I primarily use our MacBooks - usually simultaneously on the couch together after the kids go to bed - sad I know - but true. We also have a G5 desktop - once upon a time I was going to be a web/graphic designer. The kids have a little iMac - which was my first computer when I started grad school. Wow - now that I reread all that - we may have a problem.

I really think Macs are extremely intuitive and easy to use - it also has such cool features. Our mall has an Apple store and it was great to go in and see and play around with everything before purchasing.

I say - go for it. You won't regret your decision.

Crazy Daisy said...

OOH. I agree with Jen, us mac lovers could talk day and night about why we love our computers!

My husband and I both have mac books. However are starting to look for a desktop system. We are needing more storage!!

We have always used Macs, and never had any serious problems with them (as friends have had with their non-Mac computers).

The photo/music/movie software is great! They are easy to use, stylish :) and though initially (maybe) more expensive, very worth the investment.

I could go on and on... Feel free to email me with any other questions :) foreverdaisies65(at)yahoo(dot)com

Plus, I know educators get discounts on computer systems from Mac. It would be worth looking into if there is anything for homeschool!

Laura said...

I WISH I had a Mac...my brothers are both Mac people...one is even a Mac business person...buys, sells, and repairs them....but my husband, being the military guy, is stuck on having a PC. BLECK. I WANNA MAC!

Sarah said...

We have a macbook, and we love it! We do a lot of music and audio stuff, and it definitely has the advantage in that!!

Lindsey said...

We are in the same predicament. Please let me know what you find out. Like you, I would be using it for pictures. Enjoyed your blog:)