Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Poopy McGasserson

I've had a few questions about why I had a baby attached to me for five hours straight on Christmas Eve.  Unfortunately, this is an almost nightly occurence, lasting between two and six hours.

I have The Gassiest Baby in the World.

The worst of it hits in the evening and she just can't sleep until it passes.  And just about the only thing that keeps her from screaming her head off and breaking the hearts (not to mention the eardrums) of everyone in a five square mile radius is nursing.

We try the pacifier every time.  Pacify her it does not.

And so she attaches herself to me and nurses on and off until she finally gets out a huge poop, then sighs in relief and immediately falls asleep.

She just fell asleep a few minutes ago and I've been waiting to see if it takes or not.  Apparently it is not, as I'm hearing the first grunts coming from her vicinity.  I guess there is more to come.  From her.  Not me.  Because it's hard to type with baby attached to you when you're sleep-deprived and it's past 1am.

She is a cute little booger, though!

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Qtpies7 said...

When we lived in Germany they sold a product called Kindertea, or fixfennel tea. Its fennel tea. So when baby 6 came along and was a screamer, I just couldn't stand it, it broke my heart! I started taking fennel capsules, and within two days the screaming stopped! Seriously, I took 2 capsules 4 times a day! I got buy one get two free from I took them for months, and I am sooooooo thankful for them!