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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Leper Girl and the Grumpiest Boy in the World

Today was supposed to be our second day of homeschooling.

It's a good thing I'm really unstructured and can't stick to a schedule to save my life. Our first day went beautifully yesterday. We went to gynastics in the morning, then came home and had a snack, and then went downstairs to the playroom. Luke played while Chloe and I did our reading. Then we had lunch, and I read them their Bible lesson and we talked about how we can't see God. Then Luke took a nap, and Chloe and I did workbook pages for 15 minutes, played Little People for 15 minutes, then off she went to her bedroom.


I knew from the moment Luke woke up that today would not be beautiful. I went to get him, and he greeted me with, "poopoo!" Thank God it was still in his diaper and not spread around the room. He had a total tantrum and a half when I tried to change his diaper. I think the only words he said for the next hour were no, mine, and more. He had morphed into his secret identity- The Grumpiest Boy in the World. This happens occasionally when he is teething. Unfortunately, it has been known to last for weeks, until we are praying that it is not a permanent change and are ready to muzzle him.

Since he was into throwing everything he could find and screaming, I figured some time outside might mellow him enough that he'd play by himself for a while and Chloe and I could do school.


I fed him a snack.

Still Grumpy.

So I put on some music and suggested the kids dance. Chloe said, "Ok, I'll go be Leper Girl!" What this actually means is Slipper Girl. She likes to dance in her slippers because she can slide around.

But you try to explain the difference between Leper and Slipper to a not-yet-4-year-old!

So The Grumpiest Boy in the World and Leper Girl are dancing and mommy is drinking coffee and blogging.

And you know what? It doesn't bother me at all. I'm off to assume my alter ego...The Hip Dancin' Preggo Mama...

The Grumpiest Boy in the World in his superhero dancin' clothes...

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