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Thursday, August 17, 2006

You know you're a parent when...

Your child gets that look on their face, opens and closes their mouth a bit, and then you know, you just know, that they are going to throw up.

And since the seconds always stretch into millenia in emergency moments you have time to consider your options:

I could put him down. But he really needs me for comfort and if I put him down he'll just throw up all over the carpet and then I'll have to scrub it and it's already getting uncomfortable for me to bend down and do stuff with this belly and he'll just want up as soon as he's done anyway and then it will get all over me.

I could face him away from me. But then he'll throw up all over his bed and I'll have to take off the sheets and mattress pads and put on new and he'll probably cry the entire time I'm doing that because he needs me for comfort and do I have any other clean sheets in the house anyway?

I could just let him throw up on me. It will save the most time and I can comfort him while he does it and it will contain the mess since this belly is practically a shelf anyway (not to mention the chest!) and then I can just put a changing pad on his bed and a towel on the floor in case he throws up again and I won't have to do any scrubbing or change any sheets.

I thought I was the only one who thought this way until the other day when my sweet hubby faced this situation for the first time, and came to the same conclusion I did- It's easier to let them throw up on you.

That's when you really know you're a parent!

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