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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Downside of Military Life

I think almost any military wife you meet will tell you that the hardest part of military life is constantly saying goodbye to our friends. Someone is always moving to a different part of the world, and there are no guarantees that we'll see each other again. Twice I've had my best friends move within a month of me giving birth, losing some of my greatest support.

But this is worse.

Much, much worse.

I had to find a new hair stylist.

I LOVED my last stylist. I could say "surprise me" and she'd do a beautiful job every time.

So when I moved here I looked around at all the moms I had met, and asked those with cuts that I really liked to give me a name. I wasn't even nervous.

Little did I know...

I went in and told my new stylist that I was tired of growing out my bangs and wanted to cut them, and to update my layers a bit. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted.

After she was done, there was just something off about the cut, but I figured once I had washed all the gunk out and styled my hair myself, then I'd like it.

So I washed it.

And I dried it.

And OH MY GOODNESS pass me a can of Aquanet because I have 80's bangs!

I spent enough of my youth torturing my bangs into a giant frothy wavy mass and then spraying them into submission while using enough aerosol to wipe out any ozone that had survived the previous day's shellacking.


I don't want skintight jeans, legwarmers, neon clothes, anything that tapers (and hence shows how wide my hips have gotten since the 80's). And I definitely do not want mile high bangs.

Please excuse me while I go use my non-aerosol, ozone-friendly, flexible hold hairspray to try and fix this problem.

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