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Sunday, August 20, 2006

(Re) Starting School Tomorrow!

I think we're finally ready to start school again.  We actually started a few weeks ago, but the curriculum I ordered for Chloe didn't work out.  We received Winter Promise's "Animals and their Worlds" last Friday, and the kids were so excited that we did most of the first week over the weekend.  Since it is based around animals, Luke is even into it, although he mostly looks at the pictures :)  But he is still learning!

I have our stuff organized, but right now it is split between the two stories, and I think that will end up bothering me!  We have all the books upstairs in the bookcase in the dining room, and all the arts and crafts stuff in the playroom.  I have a feeling that we'll end up doing most of our schooling in the playroom so that Luke has toys to occupy him.  When we're upstairs, he just wants to watch tv if Chloe isn't playing with him.  Oh well, it's our first year of homeschooling, so I guess it will be a learning process for us all.  And since the Navy has said we are moving anytime between next January and next September, I don't want to buy any new organizational stuff.

I'm excited to really begin, but nervous, too.  I just pray that my unstructured nature doesn't get in the way of Chloe's learning.  The girl begs to do school!  I don't mind being relaxed about it, but I can see myself letting it slide, and not really doing anything.  Lord, please bless this year!

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