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Monday, August 7, 2006

We returned our first curriculum...

It was a pretty intimidating thing to do! After all, we are just starting this whole homeschool thing, and we were all so excited about that box of books. But it just wasn't meeting our needs. We ordered Animals and their Worlds from Winter Promise, and we're all excited about this one, too. I really pray that this one works out. I know we don't need to buy a full curriculum, but since it's our first time, and I tend to do things more spontaneously, the planning just doesn't get done when it's left to me. Or if I do plan, then by the time I'm ready to do the lesson, it doesn't appeal to me anymore! A friend who has homeschooled for several years encouraged me by saying that whatever I decide on will be perfect because God has called me to do this, and given me wisdom and insight into my children. I have to remind myself that if I'm seeking God and obeying Him in this, then I can't fail!

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