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Monday, August 14, 2006

What did your parents do right?

Lately I have been reflecting a lot on my own childhood. I never remember being yelled at by my parents. Of course, when my mom got angry, she often wouldn't speak to us for days, but that is for a different post! My mom never yelled. I don't remember her getting impatient with all my questions. The overall sense I have of my childhood is that they just let us be children, and they enjoyed us. They put out the effort to do special games like treasure hunts with maps and clues all over the house. They surprised us with fun trips and games. They provided some really great memories.

I really feel that my biggest failure in parenting is in patience. I get sooo tired of the constant questions and talking. I often have my quiet time when the kids are taking a nap. While there's nothing wrong with that, I remember hearing Beth Moore speak once in college. She was saying that no matter what time of day you have your quiet time, you still need to choose God first thing when you start your day. If you fail to choose God each day, then you are making a choice for depravity. I certainly don't intend to choose depravity. But I often don't stop to choose God first thing, either. And I think it is reflected in my lack of patience with my kids. I end up spending most of my day walking in the flesh instead of walking in the Spirit. So today I choose God. I choose to be a godly example for my kids. I choose the fruit of the Spirit. I choose to follow this example that my parents set for me and not get frustrated over the endless talking and questions, but instead to just enjoy my children.

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