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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Three Things

Luke was tagged by his friend Moriah to answer these questions:

3 things that scare me

- The immunizations office

- When Elmo turns into something else on Elmo's World

- Really loud thunder

3 people that make me laugh




3 things I love


-Playing in the water

-Throwing things

3 things I dislike

- Any meat besides Chick Fil A chicken nuggets

- All vegetables

- Diaper changes

3 things I don't understand

-Why I can't sit in Chloe's car seat

- Why I can't play outside when it's 105 degrees

- Why mommy and daddy leave me in the nursery on Sundays

3 things on my craft table

It's not a craft table, but there are crayons, stickers and paper on a table

3 things I'm doing right now

-Taking a nap

-Probaby sucking my thumb

3 things I can do

-Push the button to open the van door

-Play peek-a-boo really well with anyone who will look at me

-Turn the tv on

3 ways to describe my personality

- Loving



3 things I can't do

-Open the baby gate

-Open my bedroom door

-Go outside whenever I want

3 things I think you should listen to

-My favorite Bible Songs CD

-My favorite Bible Songs CD

-My favorite Bible Songs CD

3 things I think you should never listen to

-Anything that is not my favorite Bible Songs CD

3 foods I love to eat




3 things I wanna learn

-How to open the baby gate

-How to open my bedroom door

-How to turn on the cable box so that I can actually watch tv after I turn it on

3 things I drink regularly



-I get juice every now and then

3 shows I get to watch every now and then

-Go Diego Go (my favorite)

-Little Einsteins

-Dora the Explorer

3 other babies I tag

-Anyone who wants to!

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