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Friday, August 11, 2006

I may have made a slight miscalculation...

My son loves animals.  Especially lions.  And roaring like a lion.  Last week in Sunday school he scared a 4-year-old by roaring at her.  He's not even 2 yet.

So I opened up the San Diego Zoo website to let him look at the animal pictures and hear the animal sounds...I will never have peace again.

Every time I sit at the computer now I hear a little voice beside me, "a-ni-mools?" Then he tries to climb into my lap (of which there isn't much, being almost 6 months pregnant) and asks somewhat more insistently, "a-ni-mools? line? el-pant?"

I won't even mention the sticky fingerprints all over my computer screen.

I'll never blog in peace again...

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