Sunday, January 7, 2007

No, it's not my New Year's Resolution...

But it is time to lose some weight. I told myself I would start the Monday after I hit the 6-week postpartum mark.

That is coming sooner than I'd like!

Of course, how I'm going to squeeze a workout in when most days I can't even squeeze a shower in, I don't know.

But it will add to the nose-tickling essence of spit-up and diapers that I carry with me now, won't it?

I still haven't quite decided on my game plan this time around.

Here's my weight loss history (because I know you want ALL the details, and besides actually putting these numbers out there is a reality check!)

I spent most of my college years around 145 pounds, which was perfectly fine, since I'm 5'8. I could have lost a few, and at times did, but I was comfortable.

Then I went to grad school.

And got engaged during grad school.

And planned a wedding during grad school.

And got married three days after I finished grad school, and was somewhere around 160 pounds. I didn't own a scale at the time, so I'm just judging by the number of times I thought, "All my pants have shrunk. I really need to quit drying them in the dryer."

By the end of my first year of marriage I was 186 pounds.

Then I got pregnant. After that I was 204.

A combination of Power 90 and Windsor Pilates videos and calorie-counting got me to 170 and then I got pregnant again. After that I was 212.

I got down to 196 with my videos again, and then Isaac was sent to Afghanistan and the kids and I moved in with my parents. Since we were getting all kinds of hazardous duty pay, I went on Nutrisystem and got a personal trainer, and in my spare time used the Couch to 5k running plan. And got down to 166.

Then my husband came home. And I got pregnant. And yesterday was the 6-week mark and I am 215.

Ultimately I'd like to be 150.

Which means I want to lose 65 pounds.

Let me just take a moment to ponder the enormous enormity of that number.

Ok. Since I have three children and my husband is back so I have someone to, you know, talk to and do stuff with in the evenings, I don't know when I'm going to find the time to exercise. I think I'm going to use these Billy Blanks Bootcamp dvd's I got last year but never used. But I'm also going to go check out a new gym around the corner. And I'll apply the eating principles I learned on Nutrisystem and probably count my calories, too.

*Sigh* Maybe I should go eat another chocolate chip hazelnut bagel before this all kicks in on Monday...of course, we're out of hazelnut cream cheese, so it just won't be the same...

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