Friday, January 5, 2007

Hey Ya'll

We've been told that we are going to a base in the south next May. We don't have any official orders yet, so of course that could change at any moment, since all's fair in love and PCS'ing.

(that would be Permanent Change of Station, or moving, for you civilian-types)

Part of me is really exited about the move- the timing is great, since our closest friends are all PCS'ing at about the same time. And I'm excited to experience a new part of the country.

But I am a California girl, born and bred.

I hate humidity.

In fact, I hate it so much, I should write I HATE HUMIDITY.

Not to mention the hurricanes. And that my husband will have to deploy during this tour, so I will be alone for 6 months at a time with three kids and hurricanes.

I mean, really, give me a good earthquake any day and I'm fine. In fact, I could even estimate the size on the Richter scale for ya.

But hurricanes scare me.

However, I fully believe that God is leading us through the Navy's orders, so my excitement outweighs the fear of hurricanes.

You just might be reading a whole lot more ya'lls next year.

Maybe even a bless your heart or two!

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