Thursday, September 21, 2006

Those mean librarians made me cry...

Well...kind of.

Ok, maybe they weren't that mean. Maybe they were actually very kind and understanding.

But I am 7 months pregnant and somewhat, um, emotional, these days.

So Chloe, Luke and I went to the Preschool Storytime today. It just started back up again for the year, and Chloe loves it. She really does learn there and gets to be around kids her own age-something that is lacking since all of her friends have just started preschool except for her.

But Luke couldn't quite get with the program today. He wasn't bad. He's just almost 2. Every other kid was sitting down and quietly listening to the story. Luke was standing, and calling out the names of the animals in the book the librarian was reading.

Of course, he was standing right in the middle of the front row.

And then he stepped on some kid's fingers. Not on purpose. Just because he was the ONLY CHILD STANDING.

I kept subtly pulling him to the side dragging him away, but he was a bit distracting. And let's face it, so was the pregnant woman who had to keep gracefully stepping around crawling through the other kids in order to reach him. Finally I took him to the back of the room by the door since he was protesting a bit a lot ok, he was screaming.

And then the horrible mean nice librarian interrupted her story to say, "It's ok if you take him out of the room to calm down."

But I ask you, how would that help? When I brought him back in would he suddenly say, "Oh, sorry I was standing up and having a good time, mom. I realize the error of my ways. I will now act like all the four-year-olds in the room and sit quietly."

No, he'd still be almost 2, and would want to stand up and clap and yell out all the animal names. So I took Luke in to the hall, and had Chloe come with me, since I know that she would fuss at me leaving her alone in a room full of 50 strangers.

If I wasn't 7 months pregnant, and somewhat emotional, this would have been fine. But I am. So I valiantly fought back the impending storm of tears while Chloe asked, "Why are we leaving? Is storytime done? Are we going? Where are we going? Is storytime done?"

And then, do you know what that horrible mean librarian did? She actually poked her head out the door and snidely very kindly said that they'd keep an eye on Chloe if she wanted to go back in while I helped Luke calm down.

At this point I completely lost it and all I could do was wave the librarian away. I had planned to let the kids play a bit and get some books, but I just couldn't stop crying, and was trying to hide it from the kids.

So we went to the park. And I couldn't stop crying.

So we went to Starbucks. And I got the kids a healthy snack giant cookie and me a nonfat sugarfree caramel macchiato (and possibly a pumpkin cream cheese muffin, but we won't talk about that) and kept on crying.

It took me 3 hours to stop crying.

And all because of those mean kind and understanding librarians. I mean, really. You'd think they'd know better than to be nice to a pregnant woman when she's fighting off a storm of tears!

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Anonymous said...

Some librarians are mean, aren't they?