Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Before and After

Things I did before I had kids...

  • Brush my hair more than once a day
  • Check my appearance (instead of the diaper bag) before leaving the house
  • Shave my legs more than once a month
  • Use lotion (on myself) every day
  • Take long relaxing baths (without a toddler in the tub with me)
  • Scrapbook daily
  • Choose restaurants based on things other than their kids' menu
  • Listen to music that didn't come from a cartoon character

Things I never did before I had kids...

  • Pick cheerios out of my hair
  • Pick cheerios off the floor
  • Pick cheerios off my socks
  • Eat cheerios

Things I would have missed if I never had kids...

  • Spontaneous hugs
  • "Wuvoo Mommee"
  • Sibling love...

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