Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's not another world, it's just Alabama

1. Our drive to our new house was supposed to last from Monday morning to Tuesday evening. Instead it lasted until Wednesday afternoon! I had read a tip somewhere that really worked...we had a bunch of snacks and dollar toys in individual lunchbags, and every couple hours the kids would get another bag. It really helped with the fidgets when we didn't want to stop but they did.

2. We spent one night in Auburn, Alabama. The next morning at the hotel breakfast, chloe asked, "Mommy, what world are we in?" I replied, "It's not another world, it's just Alabama." I hadn't had my coffee yet, and it took a few strange looks from people before I realized how that sounded!

3. Our new backyard has a small fountain in it. Or so I thought. Our first day here the kids were playing in it and emptying it by the bucketful to make mud. When I checked on them, I realized two things: The fountain is actually a really deep pond, and it has five fish in it.

4. We have since discovered a frog who lives close to it. And tonight we discovered a baby frog, the thing is soo tiny, it's like half an inch long. So we rescued it from the driveway and the tires of death, and gave it a new home in our pond, too.

5. It's already hot and humid here. And I hear from everyone that we're in for an extra long and hot summer. So I'm really thankful for this:

It's The Best Mascara. Ever.

I get a tad shiny in hot, humid weather. Ok, I'm mopping my face up constantly. But this mascara does not smear at all! Before I started using it, I was constantly wiping under my eyes and sported the racoon look most of the time. This is not a paid endorsement or anything, just a girl who is thankful to look bright-eyed because my husband decided that Chloe and Luke should try sharing a room, and oh, the fighting and screaming and playing late into the night and the waking up early creates bags that just do not need to be emphasized by runny mascara.

6. I had to order new coffee k cups. We still haven't found the box containing ours, and caffeiene is desperately needed (see #5 re children sharing a room).


Joy said...

Oh, I might have to try that mascara. Thanks for the tip. Today I'm sporting yesterday's mascara, because, well, I'm lazy!

The backyard pond sounds very cool for the kids!

MorningSong said...
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Megan said...

So, wait . . . I need more info on this mascara! Is the brand called Kiss Me? Where can I purchase such a miracle product?

MorningSong said...

I found you via the mom blogs, I am new on the blogroll too! :o) How old are your kids and what all did you put in the treat bags - I needed this last week! We have a road trip coming up soon! Sorry for all the questions! Please read this after your coffee! haha I just wanted to remove the personal stuff! So this is a re-do! Thanks for visiting mine!! Sounds like we have a few things in common!!