Thursday, May 17, 2007

No more racoon eyes...

So I guess I didn't include a link to the best mascara ever, so here is some more info. It is by Blinc and I bought it at Sephora.

It took some getting used to because it doesn't paint your lashes, it tubes them. After about two minutes it hardens (feels just like regular mascara on) and if you rub your eyes it won't rub off. To remove it, you just have to get your lashes really wet (tearing up won't do it, but sobbing probably would) and the tubes just slide right off. It's pretty freaky the first time, it looks like your lashes are falling out!

But I'm telling you, the freedom from racoon eyes?

It will change your life.

Or at least make those hot, sweaty days a little prettier.

Find it at


Megan said...

Huh. I am intrigued. So will just regular make-up remover take these "tubes" off? Interesting . . . I am always looking for un-racooned summertime eyes!

Christy said...

No make-up remover required at all. Just plenty o' water