Thursday, October 18, 2007

I just have to say

The past few days I have spent hours on the phone with [unnamed large satellite tv provider].

I signed up for them about a month ago as part of a new bundle offer in my area. So many lines and cables were destroyed in Katrina that all the utility bills here are shockingly high.

So I thought I'd save some money.

Even though I didn't really like [unnamed large satellite tv provider].

And now? A month later? After wasting hours and hours of my time, charging me $135 for my "free" service, and then not providing me with any networks except CBS? (And I love me some CSI, but lemmetellya there is no way I'm living without ABC and Pushing Daisies. And FOX and 24? If I have to miss it I will go into serious withdrawals and the resulting eye twitching will just be a hazard to everyone.).

I am canceling [unnamed large satellite tv provider].

They are dead to me.

Or at least they will be 7-10 business days after their billing dispute department receives my letter asking them to cancel the early cancellation fee that no one told me about.

After that?

Dead to me.


Wendy said...

Being that I'm also a transplant to the South (from the Midwest), I can wholly sympathize. They put something in the water that makes you pick up their euphimisms, I'm sure of it! lol

I'm so thankful I didn't have nearly the experience you did turning my cable on yesterday! I might've had to go on doing without! (No, not really, but I would've surely been dying of the embarrassment!)

Bethany said...

Well, now. We do have us some fried chicken. :D

I accuse my hubby of being more southern than me (which is totally impossible but fun to say).