Monday, October 8, 2007

We're home

We visited Joy. We arrived home yesterday. I will post pictures sometime after I clean all the Chick-fil-a containers and dvd's out of van.

Maybe sometime in early 2008.

But first, I will say this-

There is a sad lack of Starbucks between Mississippi and North Carolina.

Now, I'm off to relax and catch up on the new shows that I dvr'd while I was gone. Anyone watch Pushing Daisies? I'm about to!


Joy said...

So glad you to hear you made it home. We miss you guys!!

Bethany said...

Welcome Home!! I hope you all had a lovely trip!

Ange & family said...

Glad you got away. Looking forward to the pictures.

Jen said...

Glad you were able to get your visit in after all! Thanks for the e-mail with the advice :-) Things are going pretty well around here this week - Nate is sleeping much better (despite his cold!) Welcome home.

Alyson said...

glad you are back. I hope you had a great trip. So nice that the kids did not HAVE to be back home for school yet. Tell us how the trip was in the van with all three you brave woman you.

Misty said...

so glad you made it, though the Starbucks news is utterly dissapointing. As a note of envious encouragement, however, allow me to point out that we do not have chic filet in my "neck of the woods" and so you are still quite lucky!

Loved Pushing Daisies... you must post what you thought! :)