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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Red Dress

Blest over at One Weigh or Another asked us to dream big and share, if we could do anything after we lost all the weight we want to, what would we do?

Red DressMy dream is this red dress that I own. Not so much the dress itself, but what the dress represents.

I wore this dress last year when my husband and I went to Cancun after he returned from Afghanistan. I was 15 pounds from my weight goal.

I looked good. I felt good.

I wore a bathing suit in public.

I frolicked at the beach.


In a bathing suit.

In public.

I didn't care if my husband saw me out of the dress either ;)

Also, I was a better mommy. I had more energy.

I got down on the floor and played with my kids more. The whole family went for walks and jogs together. I played at the park instead of just watching my kids play.

I want to be that person again when I lose all this weight.


Monkey Giggles said...

You Go Girl......You can do it.

Joy said...

Love the dress! I love red! It is amazing how my weight and eating habits directly affect my attitude, and back around the circle, how when my attitude is bad and the kids are wild, I turn to food for comfort. The cycle goes on... Lots of prayers sent for you from here as I know how hard it is to glorify God with taking care of our bodies!

Nan said...

What a great goal! You can do it!

Just came by here for the first time. I"m a Mom of 4 boys, fellow Christian and homeschooler, blogger, blah blah blah... point being, it looks like we have a bit in common! I'll visit more! :^D