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Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Recent Bad Day and Benefiber

So I recently posted about how I was having a bad day, and my friend Sheree commented that she was surprised I'd found time to blog.

It made me think.

I know she didn't mean it as a criticism, but it made me wonder-

Why did I feel it necessary to blog in the midst of a frustrating time with my kids?

And then I realized that it helped me to dispel the urge to spank the ever-lovin' daylights out of my kids.

And not to discipline them or anything. Just to relieve my frustration.

And it always helps to hear that other people have the exact same feelings and same bad days.

And it never hurts to get a new way of sneaking fiber into your diet, now does it?

Because, really, now that we've all given birth, our bodies just aren't the same.

So, I am here to reassure you- you can't tell that the Benefiber is in the coffee at all. But stay away from the Metamucil, because that stuff is just nasty.


Joy said...

Hee hee. Yes, I so hear you on that! I had friends tell us the other day that they figured the kids could be running through the house with flame throwers and it wouldn't bother us, since we both "seem" so calm. I had to laugh! We ALL have those days and those kids sure do push the wrong buttons, eh?!

Michelle said...

I agree with the Metamucil. I might have to try the benefiber. But probably not in my coffee!

Terri @ In His Hands said...

Let me just praise you for sharing your bad day. :) Really, it does help to know that others don't always have it together and that things really do go wrong in the perfect blogdom world we have. So, I'll encourage you to share more of your bad days and hopefully by sharing, it will give you that timeout that *you need. I know I enjoy mine when I get them.


Cmommy said...

I think you're right about the blogging. Plus, you've put a humorous spin on a truthful moment and 'caught' it for posterity. I'm glad I've written things that help me see clearly when I look back on stuff.

(Thanks for your prayers!!!! We may be downsizing, waaaay down. I want to meet the challenge with grace and dignity, not with a temper tantrum. :-)

Sheree said...

ditto. I wasn't questioning why, I was just amazed that's all! ...in case anyone was wondering. ;)

rindy said...

FiberSure too! tasteless and easily into anything..especially warm/hot drinks!

And definitely blogging helps!! check out my "venting" rhyme I wrote a little while ago..hopefully will give you a chuckle...

Moms need to stick together you know! ;)