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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The times, they are a-changing

So Isaac's job has changed again!

I tell ya, Navy life is a veritable rollercoaster o' fun!

He is still going to the same battalion, they haven't changed that. But his job in the battalion has changed.

He is now in charge of a detachment of guys in Japan. The good thing is that it's great for Isaac's career. God had to line up a lot of stuff to make this happen.

The bad thing is that they want him to be part of an advance party, which means they want us to move May 1, instead of May 18.

And that's just two weeks after we go househunting.

I've never bought a house before, but I'm thinking that's not quite enough time for things to close and whatnot.

So we're not exactly sure what God has in store for us, house-wise, but it will be interesting to find out!

Just a reminder, we leave Monday, and Isaac's surgery is on Tuesday. The Navy does something that is not LASIK, and starts with a P. I forget the name, but what I do remember is that it is extremely painful for about three days.

And all five of us will be staying in one hotel room while he recovers.

So, if you get a chance, please pray for us next week!

I'll let you know how things go when we have internet access, possibly from the hotel, but maybe not until we get back.


Terri @ In His Hands said...

Wow-what a ride you're on! I'll be lifting you all up in prayer. Praying for healing and a quick recovery for Isaac and a smooth home buy and move!

Bethany said...

Definitely will be doing that!

We'll have you for dinner one night if you like. Did you get my last e-mail?

Christy said...

Bethany, I got your email and just emailed you back. I had written you in my head, just not IRL :)

SnowWhite said...

You can count on me to pray, doing so right now, Christy! Ai yi yi, 5 in a motel room with a recovering patient. God bless you. (jennilynn9 on WP yahoo loop)

Michelle said...

Recovering in a hotel room with three little ones! F U N STUFF! I will defiantely be saying a few prayers for you this week!

Angie said...

Sending prayers out to you!

blest said...

Aren't you back yet?!!

Ange & family said...

Hi Christy. You probably don't have internet access, but when you do, please update us. I've been wondering how the surgery went and the trip and all that jazz. Praying all is well.