Sunday, April 15, 2007

Run, Scan, Copy, Fax, Email, Repeat

It seems my life has become one big paper trail.

Thankfully, this is because WE FOUND A HOUSE!

It doesn't have a jacuzzi tub, but it does have a "garden" tub (read: big!) in the master bath as well as a regular tub in the guest/kids' bath, so, no more bathing with Dora for me!!! WOO HOO!!!

After our offer was accepted, I told my husband that I HAD to go to Pier 1 to buy a decoration to celebrate.

His response?

I quote: We just spent $170,000 and now you want to spend more money?

My answer, of course, was a resounding yes.

And I told him that you all would understand my need.

I wish I could post a picture of the whole house because it's really cute, but instead I'll post just part since that's safer.

And since I'll soon be living in my first house without my big strong weapons-trained Navy guy to protect me, I'm all about safety.

So now we're moving from here in just three weeks. And packing out in just two.

Yes, two weeks.

You'd think that because we have an entire wall of boxes that never got unpacked, this would be an easy move. But the house we're moving into is about 900 square feet smaller than the house we're currently renting.

Which means I need to unpack before I can pack.


lifeasamama said...

oh, i definitely hear you on the "must buy something to celebrate a big purchase" thing... my Mister does not understand either... but yeah. although i buy something when i'm sad, when i'm happy, just because, etc....

Ange & family said...

So, I guess you won't be doing as much blogging as usual... or maybe it'll be much-needed stress relief. Praying everything will go as smooth as possible. Wishing I could be nearby to help.
Love ya.

Sheree said...

ohhh no, unpack only to pack again! Maybe you oughtta wait and make the celebration purchase after you move. ;) The house is beautiful! I saw your pics.

Michelle said...

How cool is that congrats on the house! I wish we had some house prices like that!