Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I just want to take a nap

I lost a week somewhere. I have been thinking in my head that we have two weeks until we pack, but really, it is only one more week! The movers come next Thursday.

And I am totally overwhelmed by the thought of everything I need to do.

I've given up on unpacking and sorting the boxes that are still leftover from our last move.

I've also tossed the idea of having a yard sale to get rid of all the extra stuff lying around.

Right now I need to do final bills, call to get everything disconnected, decide what we're moving ourselves, reserve a U-haul for what we're moving ourselves, get the van serviced before the long drive, plan what hotels to stay at during the drive, look for places to stop to let the kids play, arrange playdates for Chloe and Luke to say goodbye to their friends, say goodbye to my friends, use up as much food as I can, clean the food stains out of the carpet and scrub the walls so we can hopefully get all of our security deposit back, change our address with all our subscriptions, keep up with the mortage stuff for the new house, and deal with gassy baby who has only pooped twice in over a week and is not very happy about it.

And all I want to do is take a nap.

And maybe eat some chocolate cake.


Bethany said...

Take it easy girl! I'm sorry it's so crazy. I hate moving (and the furthest I've ever moved was thirty miles). If you wanna do a yard sale after you move, I'll be more than happy to help!

Oh. The picture of your house looked familiar! I might have to go look for it! :P

Bethany said...

Yaaaaaay! Blogger let me post comments again!! It's been a week since I could do this! :D

Ange & family said...

Oh Christy. I just want to come help! I'm an expert mover and could really be of practical help... if only my son and husband would let me come and we had a reserve of extra money for these kind of last minute flights... ;-) Well, the best thing I can do is ask God to provide you with clear thinking, a calm spirit, and condfidence in his carrying arms.
Love ya.

blest said...

Given your circumstances, I shall not Whonk you for the chocolate cake. Picture me smiling with benevolent tolerance....

hee hee hee

I crack myself up!

During moves, I just keep telling myself, six months from now this will be a dim memory.