Sunday, April 15, 2007

I completely forgot my husband

He had eye surgery.

He now watches movies about two feet from the tv screen.

I had to drive home from the airport at 1am in pouring rain without a relief for over two hours because he can't see all that well.

Apparently 50% of people have 20/20 vision or better within two weeks.

50% of the rest have it in one to three months.

The rest have it in about a year.

It pretty much sucks to be in the percentage who don't have clear vision within the first two weeks. We're really hoping he isn't in that bottom percentage for whom it takes a year.

But at least the pain is gone. It was pretty painful for about four days for him.

Why the Navy thinks this surgery is better than Lasik, I don't know.


Ange & family said...

Tell Isaac we're cheering for him and hope his eyes will be in top condition really soon!

Sheree said...

that's a bummer! Sorry Isaac! I'll pray his recovery speeds up!

Cmommy said...

Ouch! I pray that his sight is restored completely!

I tagged you---hop over and pick up your awardbuttonthingy :-)

Bethany said...

Poor guy. Hope he gets better soon.