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Saturday, March 3, 2007

2am Wakeup Calls

I'm not a big fan of 2am wake up calls. I really like my sleep.

So I was a bit put out when I woke up at 2:15 hearing Luke calling me.

And I wasn't feeling the love when I stubbed my toe on the laundry basket on my way to his room.

If it hadn't been past 2am, it would have been cute when he said, "My sock fell down!" and held up his sock for me to put back on.

So I sat down in the chair to put his sock back on, because me and balance at 2am? Not friends.

(See the aforementioned stubbed toe)

And then Luke gently stroked my hair and said, "Nice hair, Mommy."

And even at 2am that melted my heart.

And then I went back to my room and walked face-first into my bedroom door.


Joy said...

Oh I'm sorry but it was quite funny to read about!

I think sons are so wonderful with their compliments of their moms, especially JD around here but sometimes even Matt. Matt told me the other day that my hair was kind of gold and brown and just the perfect color. I loved that compliment!

Christy said...

I got a great compliment from Chloe the other day, too! I gave her her goodnight hugs and kisses and she said, "Mommy, you give the BEST kisses!"


Sparky Duck said...

always much more fun to go to bed at 2am

Sheree said...

That's so sweet!

yours truly B said...

I am sorry I am lauhging now but I have to say you made my day. I can't have coffee anymore it causes me migraines but I love to smell it and wish it were going down my throat with the flavors I oh so love cherry vanilla latte or during the holidays eggnog lattes with whip cream and nutmeg.

Lissete said...

Sorry but I'm giggling here too! They know just what to say & when to say it!

Marcia said...

Can't help but laugh. . . for that aptly describes motherhood.