Thursday, December 13, 2007

Isaac (part 13)

My junior year, I used to have friends from BSU over every Thursday night to watch Friends and ER.

Back when ER was still good.

But Isaac and I went to the Navy Ball with his roommate Dude, and Dude's girlfriend Joy. And we had fun.

And JT reacted to that.

He was still my next-door-neighbor and he caused me so many problems that my friends and I started going to Isaac's apartment every Thursday night. And Isaac and I found ourselves spending time together.

We went to the grocery store to buy ice cream and soda for all the people who came over on Thursdays.

He drove with me through LA to find a guitar shop that sold a certain kind of string.

And one day when Dude and Joy mentioned that they were taking a ballroom dance class the next semester, I said that it sounded like so much fun, and I wished that I could take it, too.

And everyone turned and looked at Isaac expectantly.

And I was completely embarassed in front of him for a second time.

But he still said he'd take it with me.


Momma TaderDoodles said...

Is it okay that I'm breaking out the tissues?

This is getting just too sweet!

So happy to see he'll be home soon!

Just a Walk in the Park said...

I am so glad Isaac will be home soon, I am loving reading your love story, MORE please.

Ange & family said...

Awwww, what a sweetie. It's neat that you're thinking back on your beginnings together just before his return.

Heidi said...

Keep writing!