Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A welcome home contest ***Updated***

AND THE WINNER IS...(if you are my husband, stop reading now!)

We have multiple winners!

First, lifeasamama for "All I want for Christmas is my daddy." This is the one that we're putting on base.

Then, I decided to award a second place giftcard (smaller amount)to Emily because I love her handprint idea! We're going to add handprints to our sign.

Finally, for third place, I loved seven's coffee-themed idea, and I'm going to use it on my blog for an announcement when he gets back.

If the three of you could email me your addresses, I'll get these cards out to you within a few days and you should have them before Christmas.

For an honorable mention, I also loved Jean 1's "Santa Baby, hurry down the tarmac to me" but Isaac is getting off a bus and "hurry off the bus to me" just didn't have the same ring!

Thanks for playing!
I need help! And I will reward you for helping me.

Not all of you. Just one of you.

One of you will receive a shiny new $25 Starbucks giftcard for helping me.

It'll help keep you warm as you Christmas shop.

Or you can be lazy and regift it and then there's one less person you have to shop for.

I'm all about helping you get through the Christmas season.

All you have to do is come up with a slogan for our welcome home banner for Isaac.

Because I think "Welcome Home Daddy" might get lost amongst the other 200 welcome home daddy signs.

And my creativity seems to be buried under all the laundry I need to do, or with all the weeds I need to pull, or maybe it's in one of the boxes I need to unpack all before Isaac comes home.


I will announce the winner on Dec. 12th, or if I can't decide, I will post a poll let you vote.

Good luck, ya'll! And thanks for your help.


lifeasamama said...

All I Want For Christmas... Is My Daddy!

keatingdeirdre said...

I'm new to your site, but I think even just a slight change on the typical sign makes a difference, such as
Welcome Home to our Hero


All We Want for Christmas is Daddy!

Congrats on getting him home safely and in time for the holiday!

Frazzmom said...

How about...

"Wecome Home Isaac (last name)
Our hero, our Daddy"

trish said...

How about....

We Believe in...

You could add their faces/photos as little elves or in stars or something Christmasy.

Or...make it look like an davent countdown and write~
Counting Down the days til...Daddy!

No matter who wins PLEASE be sure to take a picture of your banner once you get it ready!

seven said...

Since you're all about coffee, what about something like, "House Blend Welcomes Back It's Big Shot" or something along those lines?

Ange & family said...

"You're Home! We're Happy! God's Good!"

"Daddy's Home! We're Complete Again!"

I thought of some good ones while falling asleep last night and now I can't remember them, so I'll post again later....

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I'm getting all teary just reading these suggestions! I will think on it and come back if anything brilliant comes to mind (but I don't think i could top "All We Want For Christmas Is Daddy!" Yep, I am tearing up again just typing that!)

Lisa@Take90West said...

How about

Hubba, Hubba we're over
Here-a Here-a

as in here we are isaac, get over hererightnow!


Isaac Lastname

so excited for you!

Frazzmom said...

I have to admit that I wanted to win, but I really like Seven's idea... Darn! Wish that I had thought of that ;-)

Good luck choosing!

Tami said...

I can not even begin to top Seven's idea

Jean 1 said...

Here's what my banner would say

"You'll be home for Christmas, Issac!"

Or "What do we want for Christmas? Toys? Games? Home!"

Been reading here for a little while, and am so glad that your family is being reunited. Brother-in-law got home for Christmas last year. and so that where this next one comes from...

"Santa Baby...Hurry Down the tarmac to me!"

Heather said...

I'm so excited for you! In my mind, your countdown helps me count down to my hubby being home even though he's a month behind. I keep saying, "When her countdown is done, I can actually look at the calendar again and count!" :)

I can't top some of these!

Alyson said...

I've tried and I can't come up with anything....except use his name.....maybe

Isaac (last name) is the best daddy and husband in the world...


The (last name ) family are proud of Their Daddy!!

Xandra said...

This might just scream tacky, but if you want your sign to pop try using lights. It's the right time of year to by a strand or two of the battery operated Christmas lights. Make your banner out of poester board (I like Seven's idea too) and then poke holes strategically through the posterboard to push the lightbulbs through. A sign with bright lights is sure to be seen from a distance!

I am so happy for you and your fmaily that your husband will be home for Christmas!

Xandra said...

Poster.....not poester! LOL!

Living Beyond said...

I'm in love with my
Super hero husband and dad
Christmas gift you are to us!!

Try an accronymn

So you could change the words to fit your family and feelings but I thought a big tall vertical banner attached to poles that go high in the sky as opposed to a landscape banner that everybody will have.

So exciting - thank YOU for your sacrifice in letting you husband go.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

How about "Daddy's home!" in big letters, and maybe have all the kids decorate around with their handprints (use finger paint or washable kids paint)? I think that could be really sweet.

Dare said...

How about...

A big heart (like sweethearts carve into a tree) saying

Then small hearts around it with the kids pictures in them, maybe the small hearts could be colored by the kids also.


"Joy to the World,
Daddy's Home for Christmas!"

love ya!

Sheree said...

TGYH....Thank God You're Home!

Heidi said...

I've been meaning to post...but you've got some really great ideas here. I like the idea with the lights, but do you have enought time for that? Otherwise the kids handprints is cute. I would suggest (since we've been on a Dr. Seuss kick...):
"Oh, the places you go..." and make up some kind of rhyme about being home and have fun Seuss like pictures and colors...but since you are not on a Seuss kick like us his would not be all that significant...
I will be excited to see who you choose and hope you post a picture of the sign.

CPT Mom said...

We are here to pick up our daddy!

Welcome home (rank and name)