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Saturday, June 9, 2007

My 100 Things

Ok, so this is actually like my 120th post or something, but see #39.

1. I have been to 11 different countries (12 if you count airports).

2. I once drove through three countries in one day, just for the experience!

3. I got caught in a military coup in Cambodia one summer while on summer missions.

4. I am very proud of my husband and the fact that he serves our country in the Navy.

5. I hate, hate, hate it when he is deployed.

6. I am and will always be a California girl at heart.

7. I once had a pet cow.

8. Her name was Rosie.

9. She had a friend next door named T-Bone.

10. We just bought our first house.

11. They are predicting a bad hurricane season this year.

12. I will be alone in our first house during a bad hurricane season because my husband will be deployed.

13. He is deploying within weeks of us moving into our new house.

14. I went on summer missions three times.

15. I worked as a campus minister for 2 years.

16. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Linguistics...Psycholinguistics.

17. Really. It's really called that.

18. I have a master's degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

19. I taught English in Cambodia, San Diego and Japan.

20. I loved teaching the classes and the interaction with the students, but I hated grading papers and giving grades.

21. I am boderline introverted/extroverted.

22. My dh is very introverted.

23. We met in college in a Christian Fellowship.

24. I became a Christian my freshman year of college.

25. I went to USC.

26. That's Southern California, not Carolina.

27. The real USC :)

28. Trojan football is the only sport I like to watch on TV!

29. We got married three days after I finished my master's degree.

30. We lived in Japan for over three years.

31. Two of my children were born in Japan.

32. I still sometimes get confused about what side of the road to drive on.

33. I don't want to be pregnant again, but we hope to adopt one day.

34. I broke my ankle when I was 6 months pregnant with Audrey.

35. It was the first broken bone I've had in my life!

36. I did have one possible chipped bone.

37. I stepped on a lime and fell and banged my elbow.

38. My roommate at the time laughed hysterically when she saw me fall on a lime.

39. I am a procrastinator.

40. This is evidenced by the fact that this was supposed to be my 100th post and will instead be somewhere around 125.

41. My first job was at KFC.

42. I worked at Chuck E Cheese's for a summer.

43. I was an event planner in college.

44. I skipped my senior year of high school.

45. I was 16 when I started college.

46. I became a Christian in my freshman year of college.

47. I had believed in God my entire life.

48. I didn't realzie until college that it is a relationship with God, not just believeing the facts about him.

49. I have never dyed or highlighted my hair.

50. I figure I have plenty of time to do that when I start turning gray.

51. I plan to fight old age with every cosmetic product I can.

52. I am 5'8.

53. I am trying to lose 65 pounds.

54. My husband has to try and gain weight.

55. I am only a little bitter about that.

56. Ok, maybe more than a little.

57. He's also a really fast runner.

58. I guess that wasn't about me, was it?

59. But the next one is.

60. I abhor running.

61. I just bought a treadmill.

62. I am going to take up running.

63. Or at least jogging.

64. I homeschool my kids.

65. I am lazy and undisciplined at heart.

66. This worries me.

67. I like coffee.

68. I love my Keurig.

69. I really hate sleeping alone at night when my husband is gone.

70. Every night he's gone I will be convinced someone is trying to break in or is skulking in our yard.

71. I love to read.

72. I scrapbook.

73. I love to take pictures.

74. One day I'd like to take a photography class.

75. I am afraid of garbage disposals.

76. I can use one.

77. But I will not stick my hand in one to retrieve anything.

78. I make my husband do it.

79. But I can't look when he does.

80. I also can't watch really scary movies.

81. They give me nightmares.

82. I still have dreams about The Ring and The Grudge when I am alone at night.

83. I read books really fast when they interest me.

84. This makes it really expensive to buy books.

85. One of my biggest spirtual struggles is consistency.

86. I also tend to avoid God when I am emotional over something.

87. I tend to fill up my time and thoughts with shallow things like TV and chick lit.

88. This will be a constant struggle for me while my husband is deployed.

89. I don't really fear for him while he is in war zones.

90. I believe God already knows how many days we will all live.

91. That means he is just as safe in Iraq or Afghanistan as he is in the US if he is in God's will.

92. My heart still skipped a beat every time the phone rang at odd times when he was in Afghanistan.

93. I had a miscarriage on Christmas day, 2005.

94. I have absolute confidence that my baby is in heaven and that I will meet her there one day.

95. I once knew how to play guitar.

96. I have forgotten how.

97. I can't hold a grudge.

98. Sometimes I really wish I could so that I could really let my husband have it when he makes me mad.

99. I can't imagine anyone being more suited for me than my husband.

100. I feel absolutely blessed to have the husband and children that I do.


Joy said...

Procrastinated or not, this was really cool to do. Thanks! I love your honesty. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in my struggles, ya know. I totally do that reading chick lit and watching TV thing too... though much of my procrastinating time is right here on this computer, reading about homeschooling rather than actually doing it!

Tiffany said...

I read this after you posted on my blog today. I had no idea that you had lost a child. And on Christmas at that. I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing.

Renae said...

Christy - I found your blog through the ginormous bloggy giveaway carnival. I, too, am a Christian, homeschooling,scrapbooking Navy wife (who has had TWO miscarriages including a D&C on Christmas Eve). Kindred spirits, I tell you. My husband is a reservist, but he's been away in training for almost 4 weeks now. Stop on by and say hi!!

Marianne said...

Found you through Snapshots of Life.

Enjoying my speed reading! And remembering our Navy days...but we didn't have kids during those years. It's so very hard on the families...much respect for what you're doing.

Will be back!