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Monday, June 18, 2007

The X's have it

So today I was feeling like a strong, competent woman.

  • I filed a complaint with Verizon for telling us (among many untruths) that the Global Backberry they wanted us to buy (and we bought) works in Japan (it doesn't).
  • I moved large, heavy boxes from the door where the UPS guy left them into the living room.
  • I built one part of a modular bookcase, and two other parts I unpackaged and then repackaged because they were damaged. I called to get replacements.
  • I got up at 5:30am to get all of us ready and to VBS on time.
  • I made it to VBS on time.
  • I actually did homeschool with Chloe today.
  • I cleaned out our pond without losing any fish.

I stood in the kitchen making a fresh, homecooked meal microwaving Easymac, feeling strong and competent, and like I could make it through the next 6 months.

And then I glanced to my left where the calendar is.

And I saw that there were only three x's.

Which means there are, oh, 180 or so more to go before my husband comes home.

And then I started crying again.

*edited to change the number of days left...I thought deployment was about 160 days, but it's about 180.

And I didn't even cry when I figured that out!


Llama Momma said...

Look at that list! Amazing...easy mac and all! And there's nothing *not strong* about tears.

One day at a time...

Joy said...

I'm impressed with what you've accomplished! I'd a been crying through all that.

Mikki said...

You can do it!! Maybe you could switch to just a daily calendar. You know the one that doesn't show the whole month or year...
Taking each day at a time.

You go girl! I bet the easymac was yummy!!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oooooh, yes! A daily calendar. That might make it seem a little less overwhelming.

I am so proud of you, mama! You are truly a rockstar.