Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The power of prayer

Dear Kate,

You prayed for me the other day, and I wanted you to know what a difference it made.

I don't know what you prayed- just that I popped into your mind and so you took the time to pray for me, instead of writing it off as a passing thought.

We've all been fighting colds here, and I've been functioning on very little sleep. By the weekend my patience was shot. Saturday night I yelled at my kids louder than I ever have before and actually had to leave the room and give myself a time-out to recover.

Sunday wasn't shaping up to be much better.

But then, it was.

Sunday evening we played. And laughed.

And as bedtime crept closer, I didn't eye the clock and rush them to their rooms so that I could get a break.

Instead we rolled on the floor and laughed and wrestled and read books and sang songs.

And I enjoyed my children for the first time in days.

So thank you, for taking the time to pray for someone you've never met before.

It made all the difference.


The Small Scribbler said...


You really did just pop into my mind. I was sitting in church and something that was said made me think of you and so I prayed "God be with Christi today." I didn't pray specifics because I didn't know them (it didn't matter because God knows)and I sat and thought about you for awhile.

I know from experience that God does not bring someone to mind without a reason. I knew for sure that you needed to be prayed for that morning. And this post is evidence that you did. Isn't God great?!


it's me, Val said...


Isn't it amazing how God has brought together so many women who NEED one another in a way such as this? I think it's just fabulous. He is so good!

Misty said...

this was such a great post, with such a great reason behind it. I think that truly just praying for others gets lost on us and our busy schedules. This was a great reminded to me, of the power of prayer! thank you!

Joy said...

This touches my heart, so much!