Saturday, September 22, 2007

A soul-deep need

Bloggers everywhere seem to be talking about it lately, and I have been feeling an aching void inside that needed filling up.

Boomama, Bigmama and LilyLakeMom have caused to me to face the emptiness inside.

I needed to go to Target.

So today we all piled in the van and drove over an hour and across state lines to shop at Target.

But we stopped at Panera Bread for a snack on the way in.

I'm dieting, so I had french onion soup and avoided the croutons on top.

But I may have finished Luke's cinnamon crunch bagel.

And Chloe's cobblestone muffin.

But those don't count since I didn't actually order them.


We had a great time at Target and many absolutely necessary things were bought. Like Method eucalyptus mint cleaner and vanilla apple air freshener. And clips for Audrey's hair. And wild blueberry honey.

Obviously, things we couldn't live without and desperately needed to cross state lines for.

Before starting the long drive home, we stopped at the Starbucks counter. I got a pumpkin cream cheese muffin because I am dieting. You need veggies and everyone knows that dairy makes you skinny. It's in all those commercials.

I might have "forgotten" to ask for nonfat milk in the cinnamon dolce latte that I needed to keep me awake for the long ride home. But since we've already established that milk makes you skinny, I'm sure it was fine.

But I have no comment on the coconut macaroons that jumped into my cart.


They did.

I have Biblical evidence that these things happen. Exodus 32:22-24. The golden calf just jumps right out of the fire. Aaron had nothing to do with it.

Just as I had nothing to do with those macaroons.

Except for eating one or two five.

But it's ok.

Milk makes you skinny.

And I had a really big latte.

So, as you can see, a very satisfying trip to Target.

And I am feeling replete complete once more.


Mikki said...

Sounds like a fun trip.

I love trips to Target. I haven't taken one in awhile.

There must be a reason from above why there isn't one on every corner like the Walmarts. Hmm. Maybe that's a good thing. LOL.

Misty said...

oh... see, you have it good. I live just down the street from Target. (i always thought it was a dream, but alas I think it is less of a good thing than I had hoped.)

your across-state-lines trip sounds prioritized & perfect...

I also miss Panera. :(

Joy said...

Good for you! Sounds like a fun trip to me. I was actually planning to drop the kids at the daycare, drive the 30 minutes to Target and wander aimlessly around it to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. But then I decided I'd rather go meet Nicholas Sparks, who is having a book signing down the street from the Target. I'm taking a friend and NO kids (well just the baby). If only there was a Panera Bread to hit for lunch, it would be perfect. Surely one of the kids will wake with a terrible fever or something to ruin my plans... must. pray. hard.

Debbie said...

Oh my, we can blaim or thank CWO for all of our guilt over what is going into our mouths

Your post made me laugh as I too had a similar situation today, you see my car drove me to Dunkin Doughnuts and I also have no idea how the cream got into my coffee and the doughnuts such a mystery... LOL.

GOD bless

Dana said...

So that explains the McDonald's bag in my car. I was wondering how it got in there and how I was eating a chicken sandwich.

For a moment, I thought I did it, but now I realize that just isn't possible.

blest said...


(blest taps foot and glares)


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh I love Target, course, I have about 3 within 10 mins :)

Love Panera too! woo hoo!

Great story, made me smile.

Lisa said...

You made are crazy! That post was so funny.
And, if the commercials say must be true.

Love your layouts in the sidebar!
Gorgeous work!
Lisa (I switched from LilyLakeMom to my real name, but it's still me!)