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Friday, February 2, 2007

Not Target Again!

It is a sad fact of my life today that if I am not at home (and I usually am) then I am at Target.

Why there is always something to buy at Target, and how I go into the store to get one thing and come out with, oh, 17 things, I don't know.

A trip to Target has even become our source of weekend entertainment.

How sad is that?

This weekend I want to do something new and exciting.

But I don't know what!

My friend Joy and her family go letterboxing, which sounds like so much fun, and I'd love to try it sometime. But not when it is 35 degrees outside. And muddy. If you need proof of how muddy it is, see the Wordless Wednesday post below.

I'd love to go to the zoo, but it's a two-hour drive, and again, it's 35 degrees outside.

Hmm...this is going to require some major creativity from my sleep-deprived brain!

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