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Sunday, February 4, 2007

I was whonked upside the head!

With love, of course.

My friend blest whonked me over at the One Weigh or Another website. I'm trying to lose 65 pounds with OWOA's support (now down to about 60 pounds), and I don't think the freshly made donut I ate yesterday is on my diet.

Did I mention it was a Rolo donut? Caramel glaze with mini chocolate chips...mmmm...



I have this pattern with weight loss that I've never been quite able to break. I can't just diet. I have to diet AND exercise regularly. If I'm not exercising regularly then I find it really hard to eat well.

I mean, I hate to sweat, and if I do get all sweaty then I'm not going make it in vain and eat poorly, you know?

But if I'm not working out, well then I probably won't lose much anyway, so why not eat that nice hot donut? Or the ice cream and bread pudding dessert that we got at Applebees on Friday night. Or the toffee almond bar I had at Starbucks with Chloe. (Since the gooey, fattening truth about the donut is out, I might as well divulge my whole weekend's snacking.)

But now that my little secret is out, I am going to work harder this week! I will eat well and not give in to snacking! And I will exercise more than once.

And if I get snacky, I'll have a cup of coffee. Or two.


Debs said...

Doesn't miss a trick that Blest!
Did you see the pics she put up on her blog? She looks fab :-)
See you at the weigh in tomorrow.

blest said...

Ohhhhh... you naughty naughty girl! ;-p

I expect to see you logging some serious Happy Heart Points this week!