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Monday, February 19, 2007

My Mom

My mom just left after visiting us for several days (which explains my absence from blogdom).
She just left a few hours ago, and ya'll, I miss her already!

Now, to some of you, this is probably normal. But not to me.

I love my parents, but I was always pretty independent and I never missed them when we were apart. I actually left home and went to college when I was 16, and even then I didn't miss my parents.

But the older I get, the more I miss my mom. Every time I see her, she seems just a little bit older. There's more gray in her hair, and she doesn't move as easily as she used to. She has developed arthritis and fibromyalgia in recent years, and I guess it has made me realize that she won't always be here to buy way too many presents and cook too much food.

I think one big downside of the military life is that we don't get to live near my parents, and my children only see their much beloved grandparents every few months. But my mom is the first to encourage us to stay in the military, and has never once complained or been manipulative about the little time we do get to see her (unlike other relatives).

So I miss her already, and my heart aches when I watch her with my kids, knowing that some day she'll be gone, and I'm surprised by how much that thought hurts.


Bethany said...

Oh! My mom is very near me and I still miss her when she's gone. I see her practically everyday. She's the uber Nana to her grandkids! I couldn't imagine living far away from her!

My husband and I have discussed the possibility of moving away, and I always let him know that I will do whatever our family needs to do. But boy, would I hate that part of it! I know lots of people have to do it...and I understand. I think they are tough!

Sweet post. :D

amy said...

what a beautiful post about your mom! Seem like you have good memories and you are treasuring your time with her

Sheree said...

that is beautiful, in a bittersweet sort of way