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Saturday, February 24, 2007

What is a k-cup you ask?

Only part of the best coffee maker EVER.

And I get no kickbacks for writing this.

Only the joy you will receive when you realize that you never have to wash a coffee pot again.

For our anniversary present this year we bought ourselves a new Keurig single serve brewing system. It uses k-cups that look like this:

Each one is for a single cup of coffee, and you can choose the size of cup you want to brew! Since you use a new k-cup for each mug o' caffeinated heaven, your coffee is always fresh (unless you like a milder brew and want to re-use the cup).

Oh, and ready in less than a minute.

And best of all- the only clean up? Remove the k-cup and throw it away.

See. I told you.

The. Best. Coffee. Maker. Ever.


amy said...

if there are different flavors I could like that..Our OR has this in the breakroom and sometimes we sneak in..I use more creamer than coffee..But its an awesome concept! Congrats on getting it!

Anne said...

My stepdad just got one of these and you're right- it's so cool! I thought it was kind of exciting to use and so clean.

Anonymous said...
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