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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Women who love too much

When I was younger I was always embarassed or annoyed by my mom's "help." You know, stupid, end of the world teenage stuff.

For example one year we had this mock Roman thing and we were supposed to wear togas. Everyone just brought a towel or sheet and tied it around their shoulder.

My mom went out and bought me a gold toga.

I have no idea why now, but at 14, it was humiliating.

Now this tendency is one of the things that I just love about my mom.

The airline lost her luggage and she had to describe to them one thing in each suitcase that would stand out. She told them they could take their pick:

-Two superhero capes (one pink and one blue)
-Three cans of pancake mix (strawberry, blueberry, and chocolate chocolate chip)
-Three bags of diapers (in various sizes)
-About 200 coffee k-cups (in various flavors)

How could you not love her?


Becky L said...

i can relate to what you are saying about mothers. definitely. things really change when you are a mother yourself... though my little girl is just turning 2

[i just happened upon your blog. hope you dont mind... I love the coffee theme! i'm definitely a coffee addict. my favorite thing in the house is my espresso machine]

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

she sounds FANTASTIC!!! :)

Joy said...

I love how a mom never stops wanting to serve and love her children, no matter how old they get. So glad you had a good visit with her.

Bethany said...

That is totally cool! Your mom rocks!!

Did they find her luggage?

Christy said...

Yep! Her luggage showed up at 7am the next morning, just in time for a pancake breakfast :P

Sheree said...

love that she had superhero capes! what are coffee k-cups?