Friday, September 7, 2007


So my break is over and here is some of the excitement of our day today...

(baby crying)
ME: Luke, did you hurt Audrey?
LUKE: Yeah.
ME: Was it on purpose or by accident?
LUKE: By my elephant.

If that doesn't scream "on purpose" I don't know what does!


We went to the bookstore after dinner, where Chloe and Luke were scared silly by a girl in a Curious George costume, but Audrey was utterly entranced.

Would you believe I walked right past their cafe with nary a snack or coffee cup in my hands?


We went out the door carrying our books (you didn't think we'd escape without purchasing anything, now did you?) and noticed some smoke coming from the trash can.

Suddenly Luke yelled, "FIRE!"

And there was. The trash can was on fire.

And everyone sitting at the little cafe tables outside looked over and commented on it.

They ooh'ed and aah'ed and laughed.

And sat there.

Apparently it is more work to take your coffee cup back inside to alert the staff to their impending crispyness, than it is to do the same with three children, because I was the only one to go back inside and tell anyone about the blaze.

Good thing I resisted the pull of the coffee and snacks, eh?


Joy said...

"by my elephant" - that a great line Luke! Don't let Matt in on it though!

Jen said...

Welcome back :-) Sounds like quite an eventful day around your place!!

The Small Scribbler said...


I was in church this morning and suddenly you just popped into my mind. So you were prayed for today.

By my elephant...very funny. Sounds like something my guys would say.

Doesn't apathy just amaze you? People just don't go out of their way for anything do they?


Misty said...

it amazes me, the sheer irresponsible laziness of people. There is this general under current of attitude that no one needs to display responsibility for anything... seeing someone attached? tell your friends about it later.
ugh. what is wrong with people?

Sheree said...

wow, that's crazy and sad. You set a good example for your kids.

Bethany said...

Luke is funny. I like that line. I might take it for myself.

No comment about the sweet people at the bookstore. I'm not in the mood to say anything nice, so I'll just not say anything.