Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Really not a baby anymore

Today I had the startling revelation that Chloe is really not a baby anymore.

Now I know that at almost 5 years old, this should have occurred to me by now.

But today I received a visual reminder.

She rolled her eyes at me.

I guess in some corner of me, there was this hope that if we homeschooled, we'd be able to skip past that attitude stuff altogether.


Not so much.

Which is silly really, since I have heard somewhere (like, oh, The Bible) that we've all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

But at least later we were able to return to joy in innocent things like apple boats. Apple slices with mini-marshmallow men, pretzel stick oars, and almond butter glue (so much yummier than peanut butter).

I'm sure one day they'll be way too babyish to get excited over.

But for today she's still young enough.


The Small Scribbler said...

All of my five year old girls went through a "Duh" stage. I remember being petrified. Please Lord, they're way too young to be teenagers! But it goes away and the sweet little girl returns for a good long while.


Sheree said...

so true that folly is bound up in the heart of a child... I've been startled by some of Abigail's "looks" before (not the eye-rolling, yet)

Joy said...

Isn't that sin nature unfortunate?

Love the apple boats. Great idea!

Christin said...

I had to laugh. My oldest turns five this week and yeah...we've also picked up on some of the 'tude she's got going on. AND we're homeschooling as well. AND she's not allowed to watch 99% of kids' videos. So...?

And then I think: I'M hanging out with her more than anybody. Could it be ME that she's modeling? *groan* God help me to curb MY own attitude.
...kids, they are truly a Heavenly Mirror of our own junk, eh?

(not that I'm accusing YOU of being a professional roller of eyes. *laughing* Just fessing up on my end). ;)

*just found your blog*

ABW said...

Oh no, the rolling of the eyes! I remember when I told my daughter something--she was probably 4--and she looked at me and said "Duh!". I was stunned and started to say something and she assured me she was just practicing her blends and started saying "da, de, di, do, du" over and over. Little stinker. I explained why we don't "practice" that blend alone though and so far all is well. LOL