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Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Love You More- A Review

When I was contacted to receive a free copy of the new book "I Love You More" for review, I immediately jumped at the chance.

After two hours of googling and following links on the chance that it was a psycho stalker just trying to get my address.

I was really suprised by the book. We already have several books about love, one with the same name. But my kids adored this book.

I think most of the reason is that it is two stories in one. The book has no front or back, but flips over and the two stories meet in the middle. My daughter loves the side from the mom's perspective, "I love you prettier than the prettiest flower ever found." My son loves the little boy's perspective, "I love you taller than the tallest giraffe ever grown."

And all week I have been treated to the poetic stylings of "Mommy I love you bigger than the biggest toad." And "Mommy, I love you tinier than the tiniest ant."

They try.

If you want to check it out, you can visit the author's website


Laura Duksta said...

Just stopping by to say "Thanks" for the review! I'm the author of I Love You More and it has been such a blessing to see our book and it's message being shared by loved ones and families out there in the world! Have a bright and blessed lifetime! Shine On!

Anonymous said...

Here is a question for you to answer when you have time. How do you get asked to review things and are you paid to do so? I would be interested in reviewing books on my blog. Is there a place to sign up? Just curious. Please share some of your blogging wisdom when you have a moment or two.
Love Heidi

Momma TaderDoodle said...


I got a similar email! I even emailed Laura to make sure it was real before sending off my address. I can't wait to get my copy. It sounds like such a wonderful book! I know my girls are going to LOVE it!

Momma Tader Doodles