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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mommy, may I? (part three)

In one of the boxes full of college recruiting materials, I found the flier for the USC Resident Honors Program.

Complete your senior year of high school and your freshman year of college at the same time!

Your classes earn you double credit!

Scholarships automatically awarded for those accepted!

And I had missed the application deadline.

Being the mature, ready for college 16-year-old that I was, I had my mommy call the head of the program to ask if they accepted late applications.

"What are her SAT scores?" "Why yes, we will be happy to accept her late application."

And so it was that I was accepted to USC, and I decided to leave all my friends and high school behind.

That summer my mom and I went off to the new student orientation weekend, and before long I was 16, living in a dorm, 50 miles away from my parents.

Which in LA is really like 200 miles.


*This is part three of how I became a Christian. Read parts one and two.


Kathie said...

Enjoyed reading through your posts. Our daughter just spent several months with us while her Navy husband was on deployment. They had been married less then 3 mos. when he got deployed. Now he is back and they are having fun furnishing their apt. and starting life together. We will be praying for Isaac and his return. Blessings from Costa Rica

Bethany said...

You need to write these in bigger chunks...it's driving me nuts! :D

Have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow!!