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Sunday, January 13, 2008

My weekend with Brad and Angelina

Recently our family had a near life-altering experience in New Orleans.

And I'm not talking about eating fresh hot beignets from Cafe Du Monde.

Although that is enough to make you believe in God, as something as good as deep-fried dough smothered in powdered sugar could only have been created by a good, loving God.

And only a source of pure evil could have made it so fattening. It had to be the devil who made me eat so many.

No, it wasn't the beignets. We were on the street in New Orleans when we came across this:


And from the way that he turned to us and said, "Hey guys. How ya' doin'?" I knew that it was only the presence of Angelina and the children that kept him from throwing himself at my feet and declaring his undying love.

Which is good, since I would have turned him down, since he was not stepping in between Angelina and the paparazzi the way Isaac did for me.


Of course, they weren't the only sights we saw there.



But of all the sights we saw, these were my favorites:

Isaac Luke

Isaac Kids


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh CHRISTY!! Wow, wow, and wow. Were there just paparazzi everywhere? Oh my gosh, I have never seen anyone that famous so close in real life. *swoon*

Looks like a fun trip!

And yes - beignets at Cafe Du Monde . . . one of my favorite memories from my one visit to NO.

Just a Walk in the Park said...

Your pictuers are beautiful! I love New Orleans and know that photo opportunities abound. Plus, jackpot...Brad & Angelina.

Have a great time!
The Park Wife

Lisa @ Take90West said...

beignets and Brad...what a good day!

Frazzmom said...

It's cool to see Bradgelina out doing normal family things with their kids... Glad you had such a fun day with your family!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Cool! My sister lives in Mississippi now! If we get down to see her this year we may go to New Orleans, I may need the address for those beignets! They sound wonderful and terrible at the same time!

Jen said...

Is it sad when teh thought of the beignets turns me on more than the thought of seeing Brad Pitt in person???

That's very cool, though! Love the pics of Isaac with the kids. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying your time together now that he is home! Makes me anxious for July :-)

Bethany said...

Oh wow! That's pretty neat-o! I really like their baby's name...Shiloh. Has such a nice ring too it. Especially since I came up with it first!

Love all the pictures. Looks like fun!

blest said...

I - she said with a snobby tilt to her nose - would MUCH rather run across Harry Connick Jr.



Alyson said...

really? oh wow. I am not one to swoon over celebs but I have to admit I would go a little weak in the knees at that site....did they have bodyguards around? oooh ahhhh.

Your hubby is pretty hot too.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow...I am also not one to go nuts over clebs, but if I had to choose one to bump into, well, Brad would be a good one :)

Course, loved your fav pics.