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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Win a Bloggy Header!

Want to have a custom look for your blog, but don't want to worry about any fees?

Betty of Simply Southern has offered to create a custom header from one of your photos, or she has a large supply of nature photos (or you can probably find nice ones on istockphoto.com or even flickr). She will add any text you want and she can install it for you or if you know how you can do it yourself. There are no WordPress fees associated with this, so it is absolutely free! Check out her blog for an example.

Leave a comment on this post to enter for a custom header!


Stacey Moore said...

i would love to win this! thanks

ChristiS said...

How great would this be?? Thanks for sharing!!

C-Squared said...

i'm just starting out and a custom header would be great :)

good luck to everyone!

NannaBee said...

Thanks for the entries, And a reminder.It doesn't just work on wordpress,the headers can be used most anywhere!Good luck everyone and happy new year!

Carrington said...

I would love to win this! Thanks!

Gaida said...

I'd love to win a custom header to give my blog an updated look.

Alyson said...

Oh Christy, I want to win so badly!!

Sarah said...

This would be super! It would be hard to choose what to have on it...hmmm...

ES said...

This would be fabulous! Count me in. Thanks!

aztekh at gmail.com

Anonymous said...

This is just what I need I'm been looking for a new means to create more margins in my life.

Linette said...

I have a photo I'd love to use as a header, I just haven't had time to figure out how yet, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Please don't count me in as I use blogger.

Just wanted to let you know I blogged ya:


joan said...

Another great idea. Thanks Count me in!