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Monday, January 7, 2008

I don't know who I stole this from

But I am a big, fat copycat.

Mama TaderDoodles tagged me for a memories of 2007 post. However, that would require deep thought and much contemplation, and as I've just returned from a long weekend alone with my hubby (no kids!!!), I am exhausted.

I'll just let you read into that whatever you will.

Anyway, on someone's blog, and at this point I have no idea whose, I saw a post where you write the first sentence of the first post from each month. So that will be my year-in-review.

That's right, if you're looking for deep insights, lessons learned and lofty aspirations, you've come to the wrong blog.

Lazy cut-and-pasting?

Read on, my friend.


I've had a few questions about why I had a baby attached to me for five hours straight on Christmas Eve.


It is a sad fact of my life today that if I am not at home (and I usually am) then I am at Target.


Dora-Let my people go!


It seems my life has become one big paper trail.


We had some terrible, terrible news today.


So today Isaac was watching "Future Weapons" on the Discovery Channel.


I can't even begin to tell you all how much you have encouraged me over the past weeks as my husband has been deployed.


Today we are potty training Luke.


So my break is over and here is some of the excitement of our day today...


We had a day full of errands and are almost ready to go tomorrow.


And no, I don't mean for the year.


If you get a wireless internet connection, your husband will want you to make it secure.

If you decide to do the same, leave a comment and I'll come see! And if I stole this from you, please don't hate me.


The Small Scribbler said...

My favorite headline? March. Definately March.


Momma TaderDoodles said...

:) I'm not sure who you copied the idea from but I like it.

Hope you had a great New Year!

Alyson said...

Adventures in Babywearing ;)

Frazzmom said...

Ahhh.... January takes me back to when my daughter was a baby and I wore her in a sling for the first 6months of her life or so...

not-so-deep Denise said...

I am so happy to be a winner from your blog! It has made my month.... It's one of those things I've put off buying because I had to get kid's shoes, swim lessons, new tires, attic insulation, food, you know.

Sending you a link love from my little corner....