Friday, July 13, 2007

Well that didn't last long!

Today I had someone (a friend's sister) come and clean for me. I've just been overwhelmed and my house was in serious need.

She scrubbed my kitchen and both bathrooms for me, and they were cleaner than they had been in months.

Notice the word "were."

Chloe wanted to eat a biscuit leftover from dinner last night so she sat down at the table.

And then dropped the biscuit on the floor.

It bounced.

And rolled.

And crumbled.

The floor that was clean? Is clean no more.


Bethany said...

Aw. Stuff like that always happens to me too! :(

The Small Scribbler said...

Did it have honey or jam on it? 'Cause it would be way worse if it did. Or was it just crumbs...or crumbs and butter? I guess butter wouldn't be that great either.


Cmommy said...

Yikes! What a good match for the SunnyD that is dripping down my cabinet today :-)

I sent you some emails, book news, etc......C

Brandi said...

I've thought about getting a dog to take care of the crumbs on my floor! :) But, I don't need something else waking me up at night! I'm so thankful I've found your blog. I sent you an e-mail and hope to get to hear back from you.