Monday, July 30, 2007


One of the hardest things about living without my husband around has been the logistics of handling three small kids. I have only one set of hands and there are times when Chloe and Luke both need their teeth brushed, Audrey needs a bottle, everyone needs pajamas, I still need dinner, and we all need it RIGHT! NOW!

But sometimes it's really a little ridiculous! Our tv broke, so I did all my comparison shopping online, then bought a new one. from Sears (because have I mentioned that I am watching the entire Alias series on dvd while my husband is gone? How did I not know this was such a great show and I was totally missing out while it was actually on the air?)

Anyway. I ordered it to be delivered to our local Sears and went to pick it up today. The designated loading zone for the pick up area was full, so I parked in the nearest parking space about 10 feet away.

Got all three kids unstrapped and out.

Got Audrey in the stroller.

Splashed in puddles.

Went inside to have them load up the tv.

But they could not load it into my car that was 10 feet away from the designated loading area. So I went back out.

Splashed in puddles.

Got Audrey out of the stroller.

Got all three kids in and strapped.

Drove 10 feet and waited while the guys put it in the back of the van.

Drove 10 feet to park again.

Got all three kids unstrapped and out.

Got Audrey in the stroller.

Splashed in puddles.

Went into the mall to have dinner and look at sand sculptures.

And we all had ice cream.

Because it really does make everything better!


Sheree said...

hooray for ice cream! That is a lot of to-do just to get the t.v. loaded. I hope you are enjoying it now!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Wow - I SO hear you on this one. Got 3 myself and oldest is 4. NOTHING is easy...gotta love puddles and ice cream!

Allena said...

OH i love Alias! i just called my sister to send back my seasons b/c i want to watch them again!

yeah for the ice cream and positive outlook!
go you!