Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's like something out of a bad movie

You know those movies where the husband goes away and then everything goes wrong?

Well, I have been waiting and waiting for our new dishwasher to arrive. The one that came with our house makes the dishes dirtier than when they went in.


It just spreads sediment over everything in there, kind of like some nasty, less cheerful form of pixie dust.

So today was finally the day, and the delivery men arrived, and I had to dig out my reciept to prove to them that they really did have to bring it all the way into the kitchen, install it, and take away our old one.

Because we had already paid them to do it.

Really. We had.

So when they were finally convinced, and after some grumbling about squeezing the dishwasher past all the baby toys in the house, they hooked it all up, and we turned that baby on.

And nothing happened.

Well, not exactly nothing. It made some noise but it was so quiet that we all leaned in to see if that was the water.

It wasn't.

An hour of pushing buttons later I had to refuse to accept the new dishwasher, convince them that they had to bring the old one back in, because they wanted to leave a gaping hole the size of a large cave in my kitchen, with live electrical wires hanging out.

They said we just shouldn't touch them.


So they put the old dishwasher back in and left.

Note that I said "put it back in" and not "installed."

Because they didn't. Install it.

So after dinner we had to handwash about a days worth of dishes. And then we opened the cupboard under the sink. And that's when we found the flood.

And all the food we had just washed off the dishes.

So we had to empty the cupboard, clean out all the water, food and general nastiness, and my first instinct (which I thankfully avoided) was to grab the sink sponge and rinse it out in the sink.

And Home Depot does not currently have anyone in the store they can call to fix this, so we are sinkless until tomorrow. Because the delivery men left the old dishwasher, but did not leave any of the hoses or pipes, so I can't even go in there and try to fix it myself.

Not that I'd know what to do if they had, but still. It would have been something.


Mikki said...

I wish I could reach through this screen and give you a big hug. How frustrating. Ugh.

Maybe a nice trip to the store to buy a huge stock of paper plates and plastic silverware is in order. Hey, treat yourself and buy Chinette paper plates so they look fancy.. LOL.. or those funny animal ones.. something to make you smile :-).

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh for heaven's sake! What were they thinking?!?! I think someone higher up at Home Depot needs to hear about this. Seriously.

In the meantime - yes, some nice paper plates, napkins, and cutlery are in order! *hugs*

Joy said...

yikes! I am completely impressed with how you dealt with those guys - I'd of been in tears long before and had a gaping hole in the kitchen.

The Small Scribbler said...

I know about that nasty stuff that old dishwashers leave on the dishes. We had to replace ours shortly after we moved into this house for that very reason. (That and it sounded like a 747 jet engine when we ran the thing.) When Stuart pulled out the old machine, we discovered a mouse skeleton. Finally, I could stop saying, "It smells like something died in here." Good-bye mouse. Hello fresh smelling kitchen.

Hope that you get everything put to rights soon. I'm sure you don't need this extra stress right now.


Sheree said...

That sounds horrendous. Ugh. Words can't describe. But glad you finally got someone to come and fix the sink (above post).

Mommy the Maid said...

Oh man, what a terrible day! I hope that it all gets fixed. That cannot be any fun at all.